Is the Punishment for the Body or the Soul?

Answered by Shaykh Abul ‘Ataa Ahmad Banaja (may Allah preserve him)


Ustaz, how long will the punishment in grave last for both body and soul? What’s the condition of the body of humans being burned or cut off into pieces or other than that? Did their body and souls gets either punishment or reward?


According to the understanding of Ahluh Sunnah Wal-Jamaa’ah, the punishment in the grave is considered as one of the principles to believe in. There is no Khilaf (difference of opinion) among them regarding this principle. But according to the understanding of the majority of them regarding the punishment in grave is mainly to the soul, and will be transferred to the body, by Allah’s permission.

So, sometimes the punishment is for the soul, sometimes it is for the soul and the body. Even if the body got burnt, even it has gone disappeared, its the same and its from the unseen. And for sure, the punishment will be for the body, if Allah عز وجل wants, even though, the body is not alive. Because the position of the grave is different, this is one of the Manaazilul Akhirah (destinations of Hereafter). BaarakAllah Feek.

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