Should we Turn our Head Left and Right During Adhan when using a Microphone?

Answered by Shaykh Abul ‘Ataa Ahmad Banaja (may Allah preserve him)

Question : Shaykh, is it permissible for a Muadhin who gives Adhan in to a microphone to turn right and left when saying Hayya ala as-swalaah, Hayya ala al-falaah ?


Turning right or left, when saying “حي على الصلاة” (Come to the prayer) and “حي على الفلاح” (come to the success) in the Adhan, is when you have people in your right side and left side. Like it comes in the Hadith of Abu Juhayfah رضي الله عنه in the two Sahihs:

“فجعلت أتتبع فاه ههنا وههنا، يقول يمينا وشمالاً‏:‏ حي على الصلاة، حي على الفلاح”… وكان في سفر

“…I kept following the movement of his (Bilal’s) face to the right and to the left when he recited: ‘Come to the prayer; come to the success…” [Al-Bukhari and Muslim]

This action was done by Bilal رضي الله عنه during travelling. In this case Yes, you are allowed to do it, and we say its Mashroo’u (legislated), if you have people in your right side and you left side. Because the purpose of this movement is for, the people in both sides to hear you. But if the microphone is in front of you, and no one is on right side and left side of you and you keep turning , you are not practicing this act correctly according to what it comes for.

You are not applying the correct purpose of this movement. I scare that if you misunderstand this issue, you might also misunderstand many other issues, because your Usool (principles) is wrong in terms of the “Maqaa’sid Ash-Sharee’ah” (the purposes of the rulings). When you apply something, which has come from the Sharee’ah, make sure that you are applying it in the right place, with the same reason to achieve the right purpose.

Now, in the Hadith I mentioned, for Bilal رضي الله عنه to turn from right to left was because, to make the people on his both sides to hear the Adhan. Its mentioned that they were traveling, in the beginning of this Hadith.

So, when you are in a situation (proper to apply that movement) like that, then do it. But when the microphone is in front, and you turn right and left, normally the voice will disappear. In this case, the people cannot hear you at all! What is the benefit of this behavior?!

It’s a wrong understating. The Muaddhin (caller to prayer) should not turn right and left if the microphone is in front of his face. But if he is doing the Adhan on top of roof, or for example the electricity is cutoff, and he had to pronounce Adhan outside or top of the Masjid, or house, or from an open land while traveling, then, turn right and left, because here, the purpose exists and we say may Allah reward for following the muadhin of the prophet sallallahu3layhiwasallam in that .

This is the Fatwa of Sheikh Uthaymeen رحمه الله and others in this issue and absolutely its go perfectly with evidences and the correct logic.

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