Criminal History of Cruel Terrorist Organization “Daaish” – Compiled by AbdunNoor Al-Hindi

Book Name: Criminal History of Cruel Terrorist Organization “Daaish”.

Brief Description: The ‘Daaish’ group follows the ideology of Khawarij who have inflicted great harm on Islam from the time of companions. Their foundation is, if a Muslim commit a major sin (like killing some one or doing fornication) he will be a disbeliever. And also they make some issues which are not sins as Major sins because of their ignorance, like appointing mediators to solve problems between two parties. And try to kill those who they think fell in major sins. So the author explains the true picture of this group from the sayings of famous scholars of Islam. And also the author have attached some beneficial points to understand from these sayings.

Author Name: Shaikh Abdul Muhsin Al Abbad, Salih Al Fawzan, Salih Al Luhaydaan, Abdul Aziz Aal Shaykh, Yahya ibn Ali Al Hajoori

Compiled by: AbdunNoor AlHindi

Language: English