100 Questions on the Ruling of Fasting – Shaikh Abdullah Al-Iriyaani

Book Name: 100 Questions on the Ruling of Fasting

Brief Description: The Book is in a Question and Answer Format explaining the rulings of Fasting. It is explained in a simple manner for anyone reading it to understand with the permission of Allah.

Author Name: Shaikh Abdullah Al-Iriyaani حفظه الله

Language: English

Translated by: Abu Abdillah Abdur-Rahman AlPakistanee حفظه الله

Editor Name: Faisal Ibn AbdulQadir Ibn Hassan Abu Sulaymaan حفظه الله

Source: https://torontodawah.com/ebook-100-questions-on-the-rulings-of-fasting-shaykh-abu-abdir-rahmaan-abdullaah-ibn-ahmad-al-iryaani/https://torontodawah.com/ebook-100-questions-on-the-rulings-of-fasting-shaykh-abu-abdir-rahmaan-abdullaah-ibn-ahmad-al-iryaani/